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Intelgen Academy

Intelygen Academy is a ‘virtual learning world’ powered by the principles of Educate, Empower and Execute. Our academy promises to be a one stop shop for a wide array of educational programs designed and developed by the Intelygen team, in collaboration with industry experts. The launch of this novel educational initiative remains simple. We are determined to educate individuals and support this education with advanced teaching methodologies, to create tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs. Our aim is also to build and sustain a holistic online learning portal for students and employed aspirants from small and large enterprises looking to be certified as ‘Subject Matter Experts’ in emerging technologies.

Intelygen Academy will deliver our advanced learning via:

To supplement the education at our academy, every Intelygen Academy student will be well aware of academic progress and areas of opportunity to help nurture skills and to fine tune their understanding of the subject matter.

Launching Soon ...